High Speed Professional School

    In 2008 High-Speed Professional School was founded by a young man named Wilguens Estavien. He had a vision of  providing free Language and low cost trade skill education to those who cannot afford other schools. Just as his vision was coming to a realization, Port Au Prince was devastated by the earthquake of 2010. In the aftermath of the disaster, Wilguens worked closely with many NGOs and relief organizations. While working with one relief organization, he became friends with another young man named Evens who shared a similar vision. Together, they expanded and improved the school, which they dubbed High Speed Professional School.  The “High” in the name “High Speed“ represents that the vision for a greater life that High Speed provides is from high above from God himself. The “Speed” portion of the name represents the fact that acquiring skills for life and livelihood must come quickly in Haiti. 

     High Speed currently offers a free three-year English curriculum as well as low cost computer skill classes, secretarial training , training in cosmetology and tile laying.  High Speed stives to be Christ centered, and prayers and Biblical discussions are always a daily occurence.