Lives Touched

Dèyè Mòn means “Beyond the Mountain”

Pastor “Israel”

 “Our President has never been here to see us. Our officials have never been here to see our village. They do not know who we are and they do not care to know; but, because we see you here today and you are here to help, we know that God does know who we are and we know that God has sent you to be with us.“ These were the words spoken to us by Pastor Precilien Sivalien who is called "Israel" and leads the church on the mountain in Dèyè Mòn. We had come there to provide the people with healthcare, but had unknowingly given them something more. We had given them value. In a place where people live and die with no official record of their birth or death, where many of the residents don't even know their age, it means the world to know that someone out there on the other side of the mountains knows of their existence and cares. God has not forgotten the precious people beyond the mountain, and together we can make sure they are never forgotten and are never alone in their struggles. 

Joanes practicing his French!

There is s Chinese proverb: "If you are planning for one year, sow rice; if you are planning for ten years, plant trees; if you are planning for a hundred years educate people." There had never been a school near the mountain community of Dèyè Mòn. Now, thanks to our generous donors, an entire generation of children, like eight year old Joanes, have access to education!

High Speed gives High Hopes


High Speed Professional School in Port-au-Prince gives students the opportunity to earn precious job skills they could not otherwise afford. The pride and joy in their faces at graduation is a testimony to the hope they are given through this wonderful ministry.