Dèyè Mòn Primary School

École des frères et sœurs en Christ

Dèyè Mòn is a small community in the mountains of Haiti. The illiteracy rate in this area was nearly 100% because no school was in this area.  One young man from this village, Wilguens Estavien,  dreamed of great things for his village and he dreamed of better opportunities through education. He worked hard and saved enough to buy a plot of land on which he one day hoped and prayed to see a school built. God has answered many prayers for a school in Deyemon, and the funds to build the school have been generously donated. Work on the building is currently in progress; however, the school has been using a local church to meet in and has just completed its first year of classes.

The school name “ École des frères et sœurs en Christ  (EFSC) is literally translated as  “Brothers and Sisters in Christ School”